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Beware - Crux & Nate Facts

Breach of trust and deceit by Queensland kennel who myself and another breeder were in partnership with.

Available for the asking, documents showing Bordogue's agreement to Crux's living arrangements, then their decision to keep him while he was in transit to Vicki at Amedange, our initial more than fair offer to settle the matter, and then subsequent documents detailing the demise of the situation, the eventual death of Nate, the detaining of Crux and then the importation of Crux's brother Scooby Doo zÓrisku by the kennel who deceived us, after over 7 years of friendship.  While they detain Crux for no reason, they have imported his brother out of spite. 


I would note that also prior to this I allowed Bordogue to use my import, Rhodonite Roman Emberez.  I also was importing semen myself from Emberez, from Brock, Enferno, Gandalf and Caesar la Tour Gelee.  I offered Bordogue the opportunity to share in this with me and have half the semen from Enferno, Gandalf and Caesar.  In the end Gandalf and Caesar wouldn't allow themselves to be collected.  So we just imported Enferno.  I also went co-ownership in Nate and Crux from ZÓrisku kennels, who I spent the funds visiting in the Czech Republic twice.  My relationship with zÓrisku allowed Bordogue to import multiple dogs from that kennel.  So as you can see, my generosity stretched across multiple dogs and the bulk of the breeding in their kennel.  But what do I have to show for my generosity to them - nothing - in fact I was cheated.  You can see that as a fact by the dogs we each own and have bred and the lack of return generosity from Bordogue.



Announcement regarding Southern Cross zÓrisku (Crux) who was in partnership with myself, Vicki from Amedange Kennels and the Reids from Bordogue Kennel in QLD.

After being boarded at a vet clinic for 3 days while being treated for an entropian in one eye and undergoing collections for an artificial breeding, Crux was in transit from my property in Sydney to go and live with Vicki when he was detained by Bordogue Kennel near Brisbane.

"You two are not going to like this but we don't give a shit - we are keeping him - HE IS GOING NOWHERE" was the email message we received 24 hours after his arrival in Brisbane.

Vicki and myself travelled to Europe to see Crux, his parents and siblings. We hand picked him from the litter at 7 weeks of age. I performed all the work necessary to import him into the country. And then for two years and great expense, Vicki and myself tried unsuccessfully to negotiate Crux's return. We offered to reimburse Bordogue all the costs associated with Crux. Initially we also offered frozen semen for Bordogue to retain. But all offers were declined. Crux is legally in my name, he cannot be shown or bred with, but they detain him in their kennels for no reasonable purpose. In fact, they have now imported his brother for breeding and showing, so Crux clearly is not required, he will just live out his days in the kennels with 20-30 other Dogues rather than be a family dog with either myself or Vicki who each have about 8 dogs between us.

And please also refer to Vicki at Amedange to confirm any details.


Announcement regarding Nathaniel zÓrisku (Nate) who sadly was the subject of a dispute after a QLD show kennel who I WAS inpartnership with, detained Nate (and Crux -Southern Cross zÓrisku) and Nate subsequently passed away.

Sadly, 5 days after his passing, we were coldly notified of Nate's death at just over 3 yrs old, via a fax.

He was coldly dead, autopsied and buried without my knowledge or opportunity get a second opinion on a cause of death of my own dog.

After the other party bred with him twice, I was withheld access from Nate for over 12 months prior to his passing and was refused a request to see the autopsy report unless I paid half of the $1,775 autopsy cost !

Unfair as I was never notified or given the option to choose an impartial vet for the autopsy rather than a vet-friend of the other party.

Not an unreasonable request - to have been advised on the day he passed, for both parties to agree to an impartial vet, agree to the cost and get my consent to go ahead. This autopsy was performed without my knowledge, permission or agreement yet it was demanded that I pay half. And quotes from other vets have indicated this cost was double what many would have charged. (Not that the cost would have been any issue to me at the time - I just wanted what was best and impartial in light of the issues surrounding Crux and Nate.)

Added to that, their vet-friend also performed the autopsy despite having registration papers presented to them that indicated the person bringing in Nate was in fact NOT his registered owner, I was, so ethically the vet should have contacted me, the legal owner, prior to his autopsy.

I so cannot advise those who have been enquiring with me on his bloodlines and cause of death.

Nate was not in the show ring (no amount of chiropractic treatment can fix OCD in both shoulders) and due to his health, luckily is not a dog I had litters from, unfortunately he had bilaterial shoulder OCD and bilaterial eyelid entropian. Nate's sister has suffered similar issues, also having entropian and joint problems causing arthritis before the age of 3, and has been desexed.

Nate resided at Bordogue kennel, had sired 2 litters and also has become a grandfather to 3 more litters.

With regards to all the facts surrounding Crux and Nate, I have written proof of the deceit surrounding both dogs.  Emails, documents, solicitors correspondence etc.  Vicki from Amedange, myself and other parties, were witness to all the proceedings that followed the detaining of Crux when he was enroute to Vicki and this lead to hostility in relation to Nate, who as mentioned, was dead and buried without my knowledge.  It was agreed Nate would reside at Bordogue Kennels and as a result they were able to have multiple natural expense-free litters, yet it was myself who's out of pocket expenses included overseas travel to the Czech Republic to see Nate first hand, followed by myself and Vicki's out of pocket expenses to visit the Czech Republic a second time to view the litter and hand select Crux !  Thousands of dollars invested by myself and Vicki while Keith and Kylie from Bordogue Kennels stayed home and have never travelled overseas for either of these males.  Bordogue detaining Crux was based on greed for winning shows confirmed by Kylies email statement to Vicki and I that "Crux should stay in Queensland and be shown by them so he can beat all the dogs by other kennels in Queensland from Ataraxia, Bronzantiq and Moloscyg".  Pure spiteful greed.



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