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Ethical Guide For Prospective Dogue Puppy Buyers:



Along with some other breeders, we at Bellarouge we have adopted ethical guidelines in regard to the breeding and well-being of our Dogues.


The majority of reputable known breeders have already introduced their own guidelines much similar to these below. 


So, as a puppy buyer, we recommend that you consider these points when choosing which breeder to purchase from.



1. All breeding Dogues should be hip and elbow scored with good results.  As a prospective puppy buyer you have a right to ask what these scores are, and should be able to view the actual report.

2. Our male Dogues are never bred from until they are fully health tested.   No male dogue will be bred younger than 12 months of age.

3. Our female Dogues are never bred from until they are fully health tested.  No female dogue will have a litter younger than 18 months of age.

4. We do not do indiscriminate matings.  Each and every mating is carefully considered and researched before it occurs.  

5. No breeder any where in the world can state that they have never had problems with their Dogues or puppies.  The sign of a good breeder is one that will stand by their progeny, honour their guarantee and work with you should an issue occur.

6. All our puppies are sold with contracts of purchase, (not just our show/breeding puppies) that outline the obligations by both the seller and the buyer.  All of our pet puppies are sold with desexing contracts (and/or sterilized to prevent breeding).  

7. Only a certain amount of our pups from any litter, will be sold as breed or show quality, most will be available only to pet homes.  The reason we choose to do this, is to do our utmost to see that only the best quality Dogues will be bred from.   NO LITTER IS EVER ALL SHOW QUALITY.  BREEDERS WHO SELL ENTIRE LITTERS ON THE MAIN REGISTER AT FULL PRICE ARE JUST IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

8. Using a Champion dogue or an Imported dogue, in no way guarantees the quality of the puppy.   We will not sell an entire litter of puppies as show/breeding and certainly not just because of who the parents are or what their status is.  

9. All our puppies are registered with the Royal NSW Canine Council which automatically registers them with the Australian National Kennel Council and original registration certificates will be supplied with each puppy.  Show/breeding puppies will be on the Main Register which allows for the showing and breeding of the Dogue.  Pet puppies will be registered on the Limited Register, which also provides you with official pedigree registration papers however the puppy cannot be bred from or shown.

10. All our breeding Dogues are DNA profiled.  We carry out parentage confirmation on all show/breeding puppies, however this is available upon request for any of our puppies.

11. Included in the cost of your puppy:  Required vaccinations and wormings to the age of 8 weeks, microchipping, canine council registration, DNA profiling and DNA parentage confirmation (Only in the cases of show/breeding puppies.  If you wish pet puppies to be parentage confirmed, this can be arranged at the puppy buyers expense.)

12. Should any circumstances occur where you are no longer able to care for your puppy or dogue, he/she is to be returned to us (the breeder) so that we may find another suitable home.

13. We carefully select and research our new homes for our puppies and are very stringent in our choices to ensure a wonderful loving home that will appreciate this magnificent breed as we do.

14. We are always available for assistance or advice regarding your puppy at any time day or night.  By phone or email, if we are unable to help, we will find someone who can.

15. We like to monitor the development of all of our offspring carefully and will keep in constant contact to ensure everything is going well with you and your puppy.

16. Our reward is shown in the happy family photographs that we receive from our puppy owners.

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